Make Your Preparations

Prophetic Word given to Des Branagh at 3am on 27th August 2018


You have seen the Earthquakes.

You have seen the Forest fires.

You have seen the Storms.

You have seen the Droughts.

You have seen the Floods.


I have been shaking the earth.

I have been sending arrows of fire to the forests.

I have been calling the winds and stirring your comforts.

I have been sending my chariots to collect and transport the waters of the deep.

My chariots have with wings traversed the mountain ranges, and at my command they have deposited the waters of the deep to your lands to cause flood and chaos.

I have been changing the highways of the sky to block the natural gentle rains and I have allowed your lands to suffer droughts.


All of this you have seen and experienced yet you continue with your eyes closed and your ears deaf to my warnings.


My written word has been ignored, my faithful ones have been trodden over beaten and martyred even to this very day.

The nations of Europe and the High Councils of the EU have trashed My word. With their arrogance they have made decrees that fly in My face and contradict My word. They have called what I declared as evil – good, and what I have declared good, they have called evil. They have applauded homosexuality and same-sex marriages.

Know this – I have seen and I have heard!


I have seen your evil immorality.

I have seen your murderous hands at work in the destruction of the unborn child.

Know also this –  I have heard their defenceless cries and I continue to hear their cries!

I know each name of these precious little ones who are made in MY IMAGE.

Each defenceless cry is another attack on MY IMAGE as they have been ripped from their mother’s womb. I have HEARD THEIR CRIES.


To the Nations of Europe:

Germany – you have murdered My people.  The apple of My eye.

France – you have removed me from your children. No longer am I revered in your schools and homes.

Italy – I see the evil committed within the ranks of your religious priests. I detest these deeds.


To the faithful – I call you to Battle, I call you to take hold of the Sword of the Spirit, and to pray for your leaders. Pray that they see! Pray that they hear! Pray that they will understand and call their people to repentance!


Britain My hand rests on you

I have made clear to you through signs on the earth of My anger because of your rebellion and sinfulness.

Through prophecy I have exhorted you in your churches to walk in My word and I have exhorted you to make preparation for the days that I am about to bring upon you.

I now have this to say to you:-


There is not anything that can come against My word. There is no weapon that is formed, no kingdom more powerful that can overthrow MY WORD. With insects I brought down the might of Egypt.




Make your preparation for I am coming quickly.

Britain – I remember your zeal for Me in times past. How you took My word to China to India to African and other far off places.

I remember how you did not follow abominations of Rome. You have within your borders men and women of faith even in this day. So I will stand with you in your battle.

Make your preparations for I AM COMING!

2 thoughts on “Make Your Preparations”

  1. This confirms to me what the Lord is doing in my life, to declare his word aloud to the people in our city centre, I have been doing this. if we don’t tell the lost how will they know. The Holy Spirit has put a burning passion in my heart for this. On Wednesday early morning prayer meeting he commissioned me to challenge and train the young to join the fight for the lost…to give them identity and purpose. I shared it briefly with my pastor and am now praying for the strategy. They must first know the power of Jesus and their Identity in him. Then they will be able to stand and sing for joy. I see the enemy trembling At the thought of them coming. Please pray for the vision to become substance for the young.


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