More Thoughts on Covid Injection Roll-Out and Alternative Prevention…

(by N. B. Kay – Updated 5th September 2021)

Pushing the experimental ‘vaccine’ – the right response?

I was very hopeful and prayerful at first that scientists, doctors, nurses and medical practitioners around the globe will unite and work together to look out for treatment protocols that will help in the fight against Covid-19. I was even thinking maybe a vaccine at first until I researched and my eyes was opened to the dangers of vaccines. And as I have come to see and realised, truthful and honest Scientists, Medical Doctors and Nurses that were doing great work have been censored and been called ‘Anti-vaccers’, ‘Anti-science’ and ‘Conspiracy Theorists’.

At the start of this year, I was baffled to see governments around the globe pushing for ‘vaccination roll-out’ as the main answer to the SarsCov-19 Virus. Having a background in nursing, and understanding the Theory of Vaccination as a tool in lessening the severity of symptoms, it may work but has the downside of adverse effects and does not stop infection and transmission. I was hoping for scientists, medical doctors, nurses, government officials and the media to talk about other ways and not just vaccination and as everyone know, we are all being pushed to get vaccinated with injections that are not even vaccines. As I’ve mentioned in my other piece ( about my dream, it has led me to start questioning things, researching and going back to the beginning when God created man in His image and likeness. It has helped me to understand science in a spiritual light that I have not had before and understand the days we are living in. The push to ‘vaccinate all’ presents a rather disturbing agenda rather than to keep people well and healthy.

With that in mind, it makes one wonder why there is a push on injecting everyone with ‘new technologies’ that to my understanding are not vaccines, are still on clinical trials and have more unknown risks than potential benefits. No one should be forced, coerced or manipulated and yet that is exactly what the government and health authorities are doing with the Behaviour Change Unit Document in optimising vaccination roll-out. I believe, every person should have the freedom of choice as to whether they take these new injections but is it negligent that it is even being rolled-out and given while still on clinical trials?

Sars-Cov-19 Spike Proteins from the Virus and Spike Proteins from the Sars-Cov19 Injections

The prestigious Salk Institute, founded by vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, has authored and published a scientific article revealing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is what’s actually causing vascular damage in covid-19 patients. But exactly how it did so was not understood. Similarly, scientists studying other coronaviruses have long suspected that the spike protein contributed to damaging vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented.

In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudo-virus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudo-virus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signalling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented.

Previous studies have shown a similar effect when cells were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the spike protein on its own.

“If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor.

Adverse Drug Reactions

The Sars-Covid-19 injections currently in widespread use, either inject patients with the spike protein or, via Adenoviral Vector and mRNA technology, instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture spike proteins and release them into their own blood. This floods the patient’s body with the spike protein that may be the cause of vascular damage and related events such as blood clots.

Immune Response Theory

The way to try and understand the theory of how the body works or how the Immune System responds to these new injections (Adenoviral, DNA and Spike Protein Subunit Injections) was to unpack the generalised information given and take it in stages. So, whether a person has been given the spike proteins or the Adenoviral or mRNA that makes the body cells produce these spike proteins, it comes to the expected outcome that these spike proteins given or produced will infect the cells.

So, in infecting the cells, there are different reactions that people will have and experience. Different kinds of reactions from the mildest form of a sore injection site, to the long list of reactions that we can see from VAERS in America and the Yellow Card Report in the UK, bleeding problems in women, blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain Barre Syndrome, blindness, eye problems, neurological problems, heart attack, stroke, miscarriages, even death and many more.

As it infects the cells, the theory is that it will trigger the adaptive immune cells, the T lymphocytes in particular. These T lymphocytes then kills and destroys the infected cells. B Lymphocytes are then triggered to produce antibodies against the spike proteins. The next time the body is exposed to these spike proteins, the body will quickly recognise these spike proteins and produce antibodies. So my question is, if the body is exposed to these spike proteins and not the Covid 19 virus, can the body be immune to the Covid-19? My logic tells me that if the body has just been introduced to these ‘synthetic spike proteins’ therefore, one can still get infected with Covid-19.

Alternative Preventions?

As a Christian, I believe God is our ultimate Protector and the One who preserves life Psalm 91 and there are also prevention methods or ways for vulnerable people and healthy people in staying well and not being fearful from catching the Covid-19 Virus. I was taught in nursing that the approach to health is, prevention and my concern with these new injections being introduced inside the cells to produce antibodies for one specific Covid virus, is genetically invasive in nature. Our cells are created as the basic part for different organs in our bodies, bringing the whole body into one and the risks of damage on a cellular to systemic level outweigh the benefit of producing 1 specific antibodies. So a healthy and a stress free life is one I aim for and recommend.

Other scientists and medical practitioners have recommended other ways like: boosting the immune system with Vitamin A, B, C with Zinc, D, E; eating more fruit, vegetables and food that are high in these vitamins; exercise; having enough sleep; looking after our mental health; and in general having a healthy lifestyle. Recommendations from some Christian doctors that I have followed. The use of Ivermectin in early intervention, Budesonide, Hydroxychloroquine and maybe other drugs that are available as re-purposed drugs for treatment. Somehow, these recommendations have been overpowered by the roll-out of these new technologies. But to what purpose? We should ask ourselves if these injections are for the greater good of all humanity, as they say, or even for the sake of health? Or is it a way in which they want to control and bring people into submission and bring about their agenda?

Questions and Concerns Remain

With all that, questions and concerns remain, as all these Sars-Cov-19 Injections are on clinical trials. I was taught in nursing that the approach to health is, prevention in the least non-invasive way and my concern with these new injections being introduced inside the cells to produce antibodies for one specific Covid virus, is genetically invasive in nature. Our cells are created as the basic part for different organs in our bodies, bringing the whole body into one and the risks of damage on a cellular to systemic level outweigh the benefit of producing 1 specific antibodies.

  • If we are all created differently and one size doesn’t fit all, what will these injections do to the different cells in the body on an individual basis?
  • Can someone’s genetic make-up change or a person’s genes be modified?
  • And how do we address the 71 people in the UK who have died from a blood clotting related disorder?
  • Indeed, is it just 71 people out of the millions who have received the injection?
  • What does God think?
  • If He cares and weeps for one person, will He not weep and grieve for those lives and those injured from these injections?
  • There are 450 UK death reports of suspected Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) to Pfizer-BionTech, 960 death reports from Oxford-AstraZeneca, 6 from Moderna and 24 where the brand of injection was unspecified? [See Government report]
  • Are there more unreported deaths and other fatal adverse drug reactions(ADRs)?
  • Can it be proven that these deaths have no causal link to the SarsCov-19 injections?
  • Can we really say ‘the benefits outweigh the risks’?


And so, aside from the reason that all these ‘SarsCov-19 Injections’ are still on Clinical Trials with no long-term safety data, my decision in trusting God as my Protection, who created all my body cells containing all my genetic make-up, DNA, RNA and Proteins, bringing every function in my body to life and creating my Immune Cells, the white blood cells to work in protecting my body is LIFE ITSELF and life that is created by God the Father, covered by the blood of His Son, Jesus and made alive in the Holy Spirit. LIFE that is given by God alone. I believe LIFE should not be experimented on or meddled with as lightly as it is being done, with these new technologies.

Romans 12:1-2 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.