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LOOK UP…for your redemption draws nigh (11th August 2020)

It can be hard to press on when the pressure’s on…but let’s look up and be encouraged by the big picture of what God is doing and where He is taking us on our journey.

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Brexit – Are we nearly there yet? Brexit title

Should we settle for a ‘half-way’ Brexit, go for a ‘full’ Brexit or take a U-turn? This blog explores relevant principles from the Book of Genesis.

The Brexit Button – What are intercessors praying and prophetic voices saying? shutterstock_442286524-800x600

“Careful consideration of prophetic voices should be able to help the church clearly see whether the UK separating itself from the EU is a good thing…or perhaps even a ‘God-thing’!”

Praying for President Trump (by Al Gibson) prayer-for-trump-donnie-feature

“It’s time for Christians to wake up to what’s going on and make a united stand. It’s time to pray for the US leader whether we support him or not.”

The Truth About Israel…What if God Has an Opinion?redmoon Jerusalem

“…let’s be careful not to trample on the truth, or more subtly elevate the pursuit of unity above the truth because according to Scripture ‘love…rejoices with the truth’ (1 Cor. 13 v 6)

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