Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer for Britain

Date: Friday 23rd March 2018

  • National Gathering at the Emmanuel Centre, London – tickets available here.
  • Local Gatherings across the UK including Plymouth – see details below.
  • Venue: St. Paul’s (C of E) Church, Durnford Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth, PL1 3QW.
  • Time: 10am – 4pm (Feel free to join us for all or part of the day – no ticket required.)

Please read the invitation below from Brenda & Roy Taylor of Dovetail Shalom Ministries (Co-leaders of the Day of Prayer for Britain in 2017):


We are so aware of the intense battle that is raging over the destiny of our nation, and the Spiritual heritage that it carries. The Lord has not finished with Britain, and is calling the Church to rally in prayer for the Kingdom. This is bigger than our denominations, and preferences; it is linking our hearts for Kingdom purpose. This is vital in order to fulfil the ‘IF MY PEOPLE…..’ principle which the Lord Himself has laid down.

Last year, a day of prayer was called with a magnificent response around the Nation, and here in the South West there was a strong desire to say ‘Count us in! We realise we have an accountability before God’.

Another prayer day has been arranged for Friday 23rd March at the Emmanuel Centre in London, but we are planning to meet on the same day in Plymouth at St, Paul’s Church from 10am until 4pm. Folk are welcome to come and go, and do not have to commit to the whole 6 hours. There will be fasting as a form of humbling ourselves, but drinks will be available throughout the day.

The day will include worship, repentance, petition and declarations of the Word of God. The Prayer topics will include our Government and Brexit, a fresh move of the Holy Spirit, and the need for a holy, obedient people, not compromising the Truth. We will cover Israel, as this is close to God’s heart as He keeps His Covenant and restores the Land ready for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David Hathaway will be in London, but this time Roy and I sense the Lord asking us to help facilitate this day in the South West, along with Lydia fellowship, Ben Kay and other faithful brothers and sisters.

We have been called into the Kingdom ‘For Such a Time as This!’

Please join us for at least part of the day because we really can make a difference!!


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