Greta Peters – June ’15 (PM)

A Summary of a Prophetic Word For Plymouth from Greta Peters – 14th June 2015 (6.30pm)

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A Vision of things to come in Plymouth:

  • On a visit with her husband, David, to the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton, in the week leading up to 14th June, Greta saw 3 models of World War 2 Aircraft Carriers. She also saw the actual bells that had been salvaged from the ships.
  • On 12th June 2015, Greta had a vision of these same 3 aircraft carriers coming into Plymouth Sound. They are called: HMS Eagle, HMS Glorious and HMS Victorious.
  • On the morning of Sunday 14th June, Greta heard bells ringing for a long time over Plymouth.
  • Similarly, in the vision the ships’ bells were ringing, announcing the arrival of these 3 aircraft carriers to Plymouth.

Interpretation of the Vision:

    • God intends 3 breakthroughs for our city into FREEDOM, into GLORY and into VICTORY.

HMS Eagle:

  • The eagle speaks of the Holy Spirit. He is here but He is coming in a far greater way than ever before.
  • This ship represents the Spirit of Liberty. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2Cor3v17)
  • Our mandate is to set the captives free i.e. A breakthrough into freedom.
  • God told the Israelites that He set them free so they may worship Him.
  • We are to dig deeper wells of His Presence and Worship. We are to be a House of Worship and a Place of His Presence at a far greater level.

HMS Glorious:

  • The Holy Spirit is called the Spirit of Glory.
  • Psalm 24: The generation who seeks His face will see the King of Glory come in.
  • In the time of trouble, God’s glory of goodness will be manifested in unprecedented ways.
  • We’re called to arise and shine. Isaiah 60 will begin to be fulfilled. People of the world will be drawn to the brightness of ‘your’ shining because God intends for Plymouth to have OPEN HEAVENS that will be full of the light of God and His Presence.
  • God wants us to be ready, to keep on seeking Him for the Glory of the Lord, for a visitation of Jesus that has never before been experienced in this place.
  • When the glory comes, shaking happens.

HMS Victorious

  • Breakthrough into victory.
  • Haggai 2 vs 21-22: The shaking will shatter the power of foreign kingdoms and overturn satanic thrones (principalities that are warring against the purposes of God in Plymouth).
  • God’s glory will prevail ( i.e. will be victorious) even though there will be contention, conflict and fierce opposition.

Keep SEEKING, keep PRAYING and keep SINGING because God intends for these 3 breakthroughs to happen.