Paul Wilbur – Sept ’16

Transcript of Paul Wilbur’s Prophetic Word – 22nd September 2016 – Plymouth Guildhall



[The first few words were not recorded but referred to Paul and the team praying before this evening meeting.]


…and you are senders from this city, senders of the Good News. You sent ships with people looking for a place to worship God in spirit and in truth, a place where they could worship in freedom. I believe God has assembled us here tonight on purpose, with a purpose. As we were praying I saw the name PLYMOUTH. You know if someone is ill, or a child, if you want to nourish him you have to get the nourishment in through the mouth and I believe that God is wanting to do something for this entire island that you call Great Britain. I believe that God is going to nourish this nation through the mouth and that He is stirring His Spirit by His finger and as we were praying I saw a picture of Yeshua, Jesus…


As we were praying for this evening I saw Him walking across the Sea of Galilee. He was carrying a message. He was carrying a message to the other side. And even more than the message He was bringing nourishment. He said, ‘I am the Bread of Life. If you will eat of me and drink of me real food you will never be hungry and never be thirsty again.’ And I could see Yeshua coming across the sea looking for a city to welcome Him and His eye landed upon Plymouth, a sending place but not only a sending place, a receiving place…


Yesterday, I was downtown where we stood on the stairs where the ships set off and in 1620 came to the Americas, a place to worship the Lord but I see that sewing – now you are going to be beneficiaries of that sewing and you are now going to reap. It is time for Plymouth, it is time for Great Britain, it is time for Wales, it’s time for Scotland to receive the deposit on that seed that was sewn and I believe that God is going to breathe on this nation again in a very strong way. He is going to breathe on you and give you the breath that you need. It is time for another revival in Britain.


It is time for the blowing of the Spirit across this beautiful land again. It is time for the Spirit of God to stir in the hearts of the Britons. It is time for God to stir that Welsh revival. It is time for God to stir in the highlands of Scotland. It’s time for God to stir again. And He’s going to breathe upon this nation and the nations that are connected with you.


‘Ply’- I think of PLYwood when I think of the word ‘ply’. When we build in the United States in order to make the wood stronger you take one sheet and then place another over it but not in the same direction, you cross the grains and it strengthens it and if another layer you place against the grain again and you continue to do that depending on how strong you need it to be. And I believe that the Lord is saying that He is applying His Spirit to the grain of your building in this nation to strengthen it.


I hope this is communicating properly because to me it’s like, ‘Yes, Lord, Yes’!


He reveals Himself as Father/Creator, as Son/Messiah and as Spirit, and as those three are one [in strength and cannot be overtaken], and I believe that in this hour God is strengthening you – PLY – and He is also breathing and feeding the mouth. PLY-MOUTH is going to be strong and it will not be overcome and there is a nourishment coming from the Spirit of the living God, He is going to breathe on this nation again but He is using you as an access point – He’s using Plymouth.


Some say [slightly inaudible] why doesn’t He use London, that’s where all the people are, why don’t you do it here, Lord, because that would make more sense?

I sense the Spirit of the Lord saying ‘I’m going to do what I am going to do, and I’m going to do it when I am going to do it, I’m going to do it with whom I’m going to do it’, and I believe that the Lord is preparing to breathe on Plymouth.


Did you know, when the word went out we were looking for a church that would open their doors and receive us but there was no church that would receive us here in this city, I said ‘yes’! So give us some place, give us a stronghold, give us a place of authority and we have this Guildhall, we have this place of history, we have this place of authority and in this place we are breaking through tonight, chains are being broken, walls are coming down, ceilings are opening as we continue to praise Him and worship the Lord…

[Next song…]


Part 2:

…my wife and I spent 2 nights sleeping in an apartment next to the room where Rees Howell prayed for days and months and years. And revival fire from the Welsh revival began to pepper the earth.


You, Plymouth, you are [an authority?]. You are a place where God has said ‘I will strengthen you by My Spirit, PLY – layer upon layer, prayer upon prayer, upon praise, upon revelation, upon wisdom, to strengthen you, to strengthen you, to strengthen you, and support you and then to bring nourishment to the whole body through the mouth.’


Is this speaking to you or am I just blowing smoke here? [The congregation respond with a ‘yes’!]


Now is the time… He’s sending His word to you, Plymouth. Do you have ears to hear? Do you have eyes to see? Do you have a heart to believe? Is it possible? Is it possible that God can light a fire here in Plymouth? [Applause] Is it possible that God can breathe upon the people and send His fire, His Holy fire, that it would spread from here to the midlands, to the north, catch fire in Ireland, make the Scotsmen dance with all of their might…?

[Song: How great is our God, England sings, how great is our God…]


Part 3:

…through your mouth He will nourish… Strengthened in the mouth – Plymouth. Strengthened in the mouth to receive nourishment for the whole body. And through your mouth a nation will be nourished. You who have nourished others will now be nourished yourselves.


Lift your hands… ‘Father we declare that as a people who are hearing tonight that we receive your word planted in us. Lord do with us as seems pleasing to you. Breathe on this city. Breathe on this people. Spirit of the living God breathe on this nation and raise up an army of worshippers and make Britain great again…’ [rousing applause]


Part 4: Luanne Wilbur brought a word in tongues which Paul interpreted.

And so I declare a thing and I watch over it to perform it for I am not a man that I should speak falsely, and I am not the son of a man that I would change my mind but I declare over you [a faith]. Have I not said that I will strengthen you and so I will. Have I not said that I will nourish you and so I have. Have I not said that through you I will nourish others and so I will. For I declare a thing before it happens that when it does you might know that it is I that do it and no-one else.

For in this season and in this time I am restoring you to a place that I have spoken of long ago. For in this restoration I am returning to you those things that belong in your hand, to the place that they are needed, for the purpose for which I send them. For some it is provision, for some it is health and strength, for others it is restoration, and for others there is more …and I also return you to the place that I have prepared for you, for is it not written that I go and prepare a place for you? Do you believe that is for now or is it for a future time? No I say it is for now and for a future time, that you would walk in it now, that you would walk in the fullness, that you would walk in the destiny and the purpose for which I have prepared you.

And yes I have prepared this place for you and in this place I will [inaudible] and so for you this is Bethel, this is for you the house of God. This is for you a place prepared and so believe and in believing you will see, and as you see, you will believe, and as you believe, you will see.

For in this hour I am preparing to breathe on this nation like never before. I’m breathing on dry bones. Some of them have cried out to Me for many years saying ‘Lord, we are very dry’. I have heard your cry and I am breathing on you again that you might live and might sing and declare and see and know that I am the Lord.

And I will do this in your days. I will do it in your seeing and your hearing and you will rejoice and you will say, ‘Is this not what the Lord had said to us and has He not been faithful to us’. And you will be many and the nations will look and see and understand that I am the Lord for I am remembering the faithfulness of your Fathers and I am returning upon you the return of their faithfulness, of their prayer and praise, of their faith and [inaudible], and I am returning upon you the return of their faithfulness. Even as I have watched upon the faithfulness of Abraham to fulfil [inaudible] so I am returning the faithfulness of your fathers to you. You will see it. You will know it. You will rejoice in it. And you will be very glad says the Spirit of [Grace]. Hallelujah!