Pray Freedom

‘Pray Freedom’ is a regular meeting (currently held via Zoom on the morning of the 4th Wednesday of the month) to pray about some of the QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS surrounding Covid, as well as the concerning trend of the eradication of our God-given freedoms in an increasingly secular globalised world.

This includes severe reservations about the previous rolling out of the Covid injections to under 18s as EXPLAINED HERE. (Thankfully it is now no longer generally available to those under 75 years old in the UK but, appalingly, it continues to be given to anyone over the age of 6 months in the USA!)

Additional information about this matter can be found on the following webpages:

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Relevant Issues for Prayer

“We will not be influenced when people try to trick us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.” (Ephesians 4v14b NLT)

A pastoral letter from Rev. Dr. W. Philip for parents/carers about the Covid jab for children

Recently, whilst watching GB News, there was an excellent 10 minute interview, by Neil Oliver with Rev. Dr. William Philip of the TRON Church in Glasgow, which can be found on Youtube by CLICKING HERE. (See clip from 26 minutes onwards).

Prior to ordination, he studied medicine at Aberdeen University, and trained in cardiology at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Rev. Dr. Philip has written THIS PASTORAL LETTER to his congregation for parents/carers who are considering giving the Covid jab to their 12-15 year old children.

In view of the potential rollout of this jab to all 5-11 year olds in the UK, we will continue to pray about this matter. If you know anyone who might soon be facing this significant decision, you might like to forward the helpful insights that Rev. Philip brings to this matter from a medical and spiritual perspective.

Additional Links That Relate To 3 Aspects Of The Pray Freedom Meeting


Childrens Covid Vaccine: What have we learned so far? (Lengthy Interview with Dr. Ros Jones on Youtube)

During this insightful interview by Dan Astin-Gregory, the following issues are discussed:

  • What do we know about the Covid-19 vaccine trial safety data for children, and how does this differ from the standard trial protocols?
  • How the JCVI assessed the risk-benefit of Covid-19 vaccination for children?
  • What adverse events are being reported for children and adolescents on the Yellow Card system?
  • What investigations are currently taking place regarding the known adverse events?
  • How can we hold the Government accountable for any serious damage inflicted upon children and adolescents following the vaccine?

Doctors and scientists urge caution in giving Covid jabs to ‘low risk’ children (Daily Express)

How many more adverse effects have been covered up during the trials? – Maddie de Garay’s story. (YouTube 11 mins)

Schools shouldn’t mandate ‘most dangerous vaccines in human history’ (Life Site News)

VAERS database (US equivalent of the UK Yellow Card reporting system) shows teen deaths from Pfizer jab (Life Site News)

‘All he wanted to do was play hockey’: Grieving dad says Pfizer shot killed his 17-year old son (Life Site News)

Extensive documentation of 100s of athletes who have suffered injuries such as cardiac arrest over the last year (Good Sciencing)

More Professional Athletes’ Careers Ended by Heart Damage From COVID Vaccine (21st Century Wire)


100,000 NHS staff face the sack if mandatory Covid vaccines enforced (Daily Express)

Say NO to vaccine mandates and vaccine passports (Together Declaration)

NHS Staff speak out against jab mandates (A selection of ‘Together Declaration’ videos)

Open Letter to MPs re COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Employees (UK Medical Freedom Alliance)

Open letter to House of Lords on NHS Vaccine Mandate (HART Group)

Brief clip of Neil Oliver interviewing Dr Mike Yeadon (Youtube 2mins)

Full interview (20 mins) with former Pfizer Chief Scientist, Dr Mike Yeadon (GB News/YouTube from 30 mins)

PROFESSOR BRENDAN WREN: When this pandemic ends, the dodgy data and flawed forecasts of the doom-mongers may emerge as the greatest scandal of all (Daily Mail)

Priest slams church leaders who support ‘unjust’ vaccine mandates that ‘violate’ human rights (Life Site News)



Swedish Chips – Thousands have microchips inserted into their hands  (Neil Oliver interviews Tracey Follows on GB News last weekend – see clip from 1 hour 4 mins)

Covid microchip: UK startup says technology WILL be able to track your every move (Daily Express)



Austria: Austria to make vaccine jabs mandatory – and police will check vaccination status (Sky News)

Czech Republic:





Neil Oliver monologue re Suspicious Synchronised Messages from world leaders (GB News on Youtube – 9 min clip from 7 mins 45s)

And Finally:

Neil Oliver’s opening monologue (from 3min 45s) on GB News last Saturday evening touched on various aspects of the last 2 years. Neil’s monologue has been helpfully summarised and highlighted in the EMAIL BELOW from Graham Bridger, who himself has collated much relevant information and video clips about what on earth is going on. (

In the words of Father Daniel Nolan, “And so I pray, and I beg you to join in my prayers that more priests and more bishops will wake up to the reality of what is happening in our world right now and speak out against it. These violations of human rights cannot be permitted to continue. It is precisely in times such as these that tyranny emerges and the Church let’s it happen.”

Recently, amongst other things, we were challenged by this Scripture spoken in our local church… ‘we will not be influenced when people try to trick us with lies so clever they sound like the truth.’  Indeed, Jesus warned us to ‘watch out that no one deceives us’. We hope the links contained above help to shed light on some of the global challenges we’re currently facing as we pray for ‘fruitless deeds of darkness to be exposed’ and God’s Kingdom to be furthered.


Ben & Nhellie