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You are welcome to join this intercessory prayer gathering where we bring the USA before the Lord in prayer. Meetings normally take place in the morning of the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

You can join the meeting via Please CLICK HERE to get in touch to request the Zoom meeting code and password beforehand.

‘And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.’ (Hebrews 12 vs 1b – 2a)

Daily Updates for prayer available from Dutch Sheets, Intercessors for America, CBN and Richard’s Watch:

+ Dutch Sheets Ministries (Give Him 15): Join Dutch Sheets for 15 minutes each day for inspiration and information for prayer – CLICK HERE.

+ Intercessors for America: There is much to pray about as we seek God for guidance by His Word and His Spirit. There are a number of helpful articles listed on this website that might help to inform our prayers – CLICK HERE.

+ Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN): With so much conflicting information in the news media, CBN news has a number of reports (CLICK HERE) to help us stay up to date with the latest situation in the USA.

+ Richard’s Watch: Closer to home, Richard Barker continues to do a great job in highlighting a range of articles that relate to the USA, generally from a more prophetic aspect. A full list of the articles can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Examples of Scriptures and Songs of Praise as a focus for prayer

Prayer Update (May 2021)

The Reign of Baal & The Days of Elijah (Jonathan Cahn on Youtube – 3rd May): Jonathan takes half an hour to explain the correlations between modern day America and ancient Israel, as explained in the Book of Kings. In the last 5 minutes of this teaching he encourages us to be more like Elijah…uncompromised, untainted, undefiled and unentangled with the world…separate but a light to the world. Let’s root out compromise and fear of man and be more pure, focused, single-minded, set apart, stronger, bolder, less wavering and proclaiming the truth to a culture that rejects it but needs it.

INTERCESSORS FOR AMERICA – WEEKLY ‘GOOD NEWS’ REPORTS: God is doing amazing things in the States! IFA has introduced a new weekly column, every Saturday, to let you know the great things happening in the States. Read the latest article HERE.

Prayer Update (April 2021)

A Great Unveiling is Coming (Elijah Streams – 2nd April)

Prayer Update (February 2021)

A prophetic dream shared by Veronika West, which has some similarities to aspects shared in our previous prayer meeting about ‘The Coming Whirlwind’: Hail Stones from Heaven and The Glass White House

Veronika goes on to explain,

Now as I have prayed and meditated over parts of this dream, I believe the dream reveals that there is a powerful satanic agenda in this hour, to bring forth the One World Order before its time. Satan desires to effect the time and seasons.

The main assignment of the enemy, I believe, is to disrupt, derail and destroy the coming Revival and Harvest that is now getting ready to be birthed in the nation(s).

The enemy is seeking in this hour, to alter and accelerate the time for the purpose of bringing forth destruction and death into this nation(s).

But, as I was shown clearly in the dream, I believe that if we will continue to stand and pray, we will see Heaven move and manifest in a mighty and miraculous way…”

(see THIS LINK for the rest of the interpretation.)

[CLICK HERE for a personal story about the One World Order]

Overview of the overwhelming evidence indicating election fraud (16 min video) including: Statistical anomalies; Eyewitness & video evidence; Cybersecurity evidence & Foreign interference; Massive amounts of unsolicited mail-in ballots; Courts dismissed cases before any evidence was heard…and much more!

Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Truth’ Docu-Movie (via Richard’s Watch 6th Feb): If you don’t have a spare 2 hours but would like to see examples of documented evidence of the election fraud then you might like to watch the first 12 minutes, the last 24 minutes (from 1h 36min) as well as a 6 minute excerpt from 1h 10mins.

Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Message to Joe Biden (Presidential Inauguration 2021):

[Excerpt from ‘The Return’ website] We are living in dramatic times.  A new agenda has taken power that will threaten freedom of speech, religious liberty, the lives of unborn children, ministry, and the Gospel itself.
Along these lines, Jonathan Cahn, who has long spoken at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, decided to record his message to Joe Biden, America, and believers:  “Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic Message to Joe Biden.”   Immediately after it’s posting, the video went viral.  By the end of the first day, over 600,000 people had seen it.  By the middle of the second day, it had surpassed a million views. 
That’s when things got strange.  It turned out that “Big Tech” was trying to suppress the video… The video no longer came up in searches.  Readers had no way to get to it.  It just disappeared and was as if it had never existed.”

So if you want to hear the message for yourself, the (13 minute) message that the authorities of the web deemed too dangerous to hearCLICK HERE.

Prayer Update (w/c 17th January)

‘The real battle has just begun’ (by Frank Sui): Published on Richard’s Watch on 20 January 2021

‘God will not be mocked’ (by Neil Mackereth): A succinct summary of the current situation in the USA.

Incremental Steps to Hell (by Neil Mackereth): “Watch for the seemingly reasonable and logical incremental steps that will usher in totalitarianism, a world leader and a world government.”

Three Prophets’ Encouragement: Published on Richard’s Watch on 25 November 2020

Prayer Update (9th January)

Here is the latest ‘Flashpoint’ programme that offers an alternative narrative to the ‘facts’ offered by mainstream media (especially from 4mins until 20mins) – CLICK HERE.

Lifesite News: The truth about the 2020 election is far more sinister than you think (15 mins video)

Around midday today, I sensed the Lord wanting to speak a word about what is to come concerning the USA, and how intercessors should be on ‘red alert’ at this significant time. Therefore I wrote it down as I was praying. You may like to read it by clicking the following link…THE CURTAIN IS COMING DOWN!

Prayer Update (5th January)

As we pray for truth, justice and righteousness to be prominent in the final outcome of the US election, here are some articles you might find relevant:

* How to pray for the nation this week (Intercessors for America)

* 25 Convincing articles about voter fraud (Intercessors for America)

* Top Ten proofs of fraud (Every Legel Vote.Com)

* The Trump Phone Call: Fairly Reported? (Melanie Phillips)

* Please also see the latest updates from Richard’s Watch and Dutch Sheets.

Prayer Update (15th December)

In light of the latest news from America, regarding the Electoral College, you may like to watch the following 11 minute devotional…IT’S NOT OVER: GIVE HIM 15 – DAILY PRAYER WITH DUTCH SHEETS DAY 38.

You may also like to hear this superb (37 mins) teaching from Dutch Sheets (Click on THIS LINK), which sums up why it is critical to keep praying about the final outcome of the American election. Dutch then goes on to expound why we pray for nations. [Update from 2nd December]

It’s worth taking a few minutes to read the following prophetic word highlighted by Richard’s Watch on 14th December. It is entitled HE’s pulling the plug on the global swamp! — Wanda Alger | Richard’s Watch (

The above webpage also highlights the following vision…

Heaven’s snare and stairway over USA on Eve 400th Anniversary of Arrival of the Mayflower | Richard’s Watch (

DOMINION AUDIT ON MICHIGAN VOTES RELEASED | Intercessors for America ( The first ever independent forensic audit of Dominion’s machines concluded: “The Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

Or you may like to skip all of the above and simply spend time meditating on God’s Word such as these verses from Psalm 64 (The Passion Translation).


You may like to read about some of the various dreams Christians have had about current events in America:

·         Prophetic Dream From 2017: The 2020 Election Will Be Settled In The Courts

(Includes a helpful attachment of prayer points regarding ‘justice’.)

·         Exposure Coming

·         A prophetic dream of President Trump’s wrestling match: part 2

·         Robert Henderson’s 4 Dreams about President Trump

·         Three Prophetic Dreams by Pastor Dana

Other Miscellaneous Resources

·         Bridges for Peace: Justice, Justice, you shall pursue

·         Lana Vawser prophetic word: He who sits in the heavens laughs! Justice is mine says the Lord.

·         Life Site News: Archbishop Viganò slams US Bishops conference for claiming Biden is second ‘Catholic’ President (15 min video with transcript)

On A Personal Note

I’ve asked myself, ‘Why pray for America when there’s plenty to be praying for closer to home?’ Why take the time to do this when there’s plenty to be doing, given the busyness of work and family life. And why get involved in praying for American politics given it can be a little contentious!?

However, I just have a sense of needing to intercede for the outcome of the American election right now, and that it would be good to do this both individually and corporately. I pray there will be peace and unity in America, but that it will be on a foundation of truth, righteousness and justice rather than fear, deception or manipulation. And ultimately we want to see His Kingdom come and His will be done.

When praying about it, the story of Esther came to mind. She went into the courts of the King and exposed a deceptive plot. God’s people were spared and justice was served. Since early November, I’ve also had a nagging feeling to keep praying for what is in darkness to be brought into the light and then this verse stood out…

‘He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.’ (Daniel 2:22)

If you have a sense that the USA might continue to need prayer along these lines in the coming weeks, then please do feel free to join us for a time of prayer on Wednesday morning via Zoom. Click on the ‘prayer contact’ button to request ‘Zoom’ details.

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Plymouth Rock Prayer Gathering: Wednesday 11 November

There was a significant prayer gathering on 11 November at Plymouth Rock (Massachusetts) to ‘celebrate and pray into the heritage of the Pilgrims’ prayers and deep commitment to the Lord’.

You can watch the broadcast on Youtube by CLICKING HERE. It remains available to watch at any time.

“Father, as William Bradford asked 400 years ago, what can now sustain us but the Spirit of God and Your grace. Fill us to overflowing with Your Spirit and pour out Your grace. Thank You for the precious heritage of America in the Pilgrims.”

‘The 400th Anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact could not have come at a better time. What is the Next Move? It is what God will do next as we renew the covenant and continue to respond to His great stirring of intercession that we have experienced for the last 4 years.’

You can read the rest of this very short piece about the prayer gathering by CLICKING HERE.