The Battle

Recent Prophetic Dream

Near the end of October 2018, I had a rare vivid dream that I sense is worth sharing about the impending battle for this nation. It was particularly unusual to have a dream on this night as both our newborn daughter and 18 month old son had combined to give us a sleepless night. However, sometime between 6am and 9am I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep!

In the dream, war had broken out. There was much fighting in the skies. There was a battle going on overhead between opposing air forces. It was night time so I could see circular patterns of flares lighting up the sky. Bombs started to be dropped. At one point our roof was on fire but it was quickly extinguished. We started to gather belongings together to go to a safer place. Someone mentioned about how the enemy had always wanted to ‘occupy’. I sensed the need to call people to pray for this battle but the communication lines had been cut.

Then I woke up, went downstairs to make a drink and checked emails. Whilst in the middle of checking emails the following email came afresh into my inbox from Richard’s Watch…

Prophetic Word on “The Final Battle” for Britain

In a recent ‘Transformation Sheffield’ meeting, Neil Grant describes seeing much ‘hurried’ angelic activity. He explains…

“I stood and asked what the reason for the speed of travel was for. The answer I heard was:

“It’s started! The final battle for this nation has started, the future of the nation is being fought over with great ferocity. “

I am a Brexit supporter on spiritual grounds. God has been leading me for years before Brexit was a word. He has shown me that on many occasions in our island’s history where He appears to intervene to keep us separate from a spirit of control that has pervaded European history for centuries. Although I’m not clear yet on the full meaning of this I sense it has been a preparation for the times we walk in now.”

Therefore, it seems pertinent to include ‘Brexit’ in our prayers for the UK.