The New World Order

About 25 years ago, my parents went on holiday for a two-week break to Greece. Whilst they were away, I happened to order a 6-hour video set of intriguing Biblical teachings from an evangelist called Barry Smith, which were generally about the covert agenda to bring about a new world order.

It was very enlightening, and ever since, the Lord has added to this knowledge in various ways to reveal more about the workings of this demonically-inspired conspiracy.

Some of these workings go on behind the scenes of ‘global governance’ and large multi-national corporations, whereas others are ‘hidden’ out in the open, such as the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda. More details can be found about this on Pastor Keith Malcomson’s Youtube video entitled The Great Reset (The Coming Economic Crisis) Part 1.

Thankfully, God doesn’t want His people walking in the darkness or to be unaware of the schemes of the Devil. Actual conspiracies have existed throughout Biblical history, whether it be Adonijah’s conspiracy in the Old Testament (1 Kings 1) to usurp the throne and deceitfully take control of a nation, or the politically motivated conspiracies of the New Testament such as one of those to kill Jesus (John 11).

Sometimes, like Mordecai, you happen to end up in a God-ordained place, at the right time, to learn about covert agendas and conspiracies.

A Revelation on Patmos

All those years ago, as I was first learning about the political, economic and religious plans to establish a ‘new world order’, my parents visited the island of Patmos for 24 hours. They wanted to see the place where John received and wrote down the revelation given to him by an angel.

After enjoying their time touring the island, they returned to the port to wait for their ferry back to their hotel at Rhodes. Whilst they were waiting for their ferry, God sent a messenger, who took over half an hour to explain to them about those working on the global stage to bring about a new world order. This involves organisations such as the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, the Bilderbergers, and many more.

Remarkably, many of the revelations contained in Barry Smith’s videos were conveyed to my parents via this messenger who came to talk with them but then, after half an hour or so, disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared.

Upon their return to the UK, I picked them up from the airport. As you can imagine, we had a very interesting conversation on the way home as we discovered that we had become aware of the same covert agendas and conspiracies through two very different communicators but, we believe, the same source.


In order to keep this article as succinct as possible, let’s fast forward to 2021. There has been a growing uneasiness over the last few months as events surrounding the pandemic have unfolded. Various aspects have been concerning such as the way in which it seems the pandemic is being used as a smokescreen in order to bring about a great reset and implement a new world order.

It can be quite difficult finding the time to gather together the wide-ranging evidence. However, late last year, a post written by an Israeli ministry leader was forwarded to me. It was quite humbling to read about how Gilad Rosinger had set aside time to seek God on these matters, and even more alarming to read about the vision and dreams God gave him and his wife during this time.

Many elements of Gilad’s concluding statement rang true. He touches on strange things that have been happening over this last year that have the fingerprints of globalists on them trying to shape world affairs according to their covert agendas, particularly through this pandemic.

You may like to read Gilad’s concluding paragraphs below and then read Gilad’s post for yourself by CLICKING HERE. [Note: as with all things, please do test this in the light of Scripture.]

Gilad Rosinger (Founder & CEO of Radiant Israel) – This is a red alert: Personal (Concluding) Position

Taking the prophetic and spiritual hat off for a moment I think it is important that you understand my view point. I am not anti science. I love science. But good and true science backed up by facts and studies! I believe that the medical and scientific field is a blessing and has contributed countless breakthroughs to society as well as saved countless of lives. This new C+vid M-rna vaccination program is different and has been rushed out to supposedly treat a virus that has a greater than 99% survival rate. I believe in informed consent and every persons right to make his or her decision about their medical destiny especially as it relates to their body. Our bodies are the last remaining beacon of privacy and dignity that humanity has left. If we lose the right to make decisions about our own bodies, we have lost everything. Every person in their right mind should have the right to refuse to partake in an unapproved experimental vaccination program that has been rushed to market without proper studies and extended clinical trials. From my research, vaccination trials last from 5-15 years and are relentlessly tested. According to the FDA this is an unapproved vaccine and has been granted emergency clearance due to the C*vid Nineteen.

However, cheap affordable medicines that have been proven over decades to be effective like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been attacked and suppressed although they have shown to be incredibly successful combined with other natural treatments. Why are the powers that be silencing these voices of expertise and reason?

THOUSANDS of scientific experts and Medical Doctors have been silenced and attacked for offering real solutions. And at the same time the vaccination program is being sold to the public as the saviour of the world in a mass propaganda effort. It is clear that vaccinating the global population has been their goal from the beginning- not the true healing and protection of the population. Much of what we see is total deception. The truth has been censored on social media and an agenda of greed and deception has overridden critical thinking, common sense and logic. This entire “Pandemic” has been marked by fear mongering, bullying and disinformation. It needs to be exposed for what it is and it is time for that exposure to take place. The Spirit behind this entire operation has been identified as deceptive, oppressive and demonic. When they tell you that you will need a Green passport or vaccination passport to prove your vaccination, and without it you won’t be able to buy or sell, travel or participate in society… This is demonic tyranny and it must be stopped. Immediately.

Eventually scripture will be fulfilled and this demonic antichrist mandate will happen to fulfil prophecy from the book of Revelation- with the implementation of Mark of the Beast

so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

What the powers that be are proposing is of the same spirit and same characteristics. [Emphasis Mine] Do you really want to travel down that road? I believe that the enemy is trying to bring about this demonic plot before it’s time. I believe that it can be stopped. But the people must act and act quickly.

(Gilad’s) Disclaimer:

I am not a medical doctor and I am not giving medical advice. I am speaking as a Watchman. I am giving spiritual advice based upon my conviction of what The Lord has spoken to me and confirmed through multiple prophetic encounters and credible witnesses who are beyond reproach. I speak these words from the council of The Lord, before whom I stand. Those who know the voice of The Lord will respond to this warning and take a stand against this demonic deception that has risen up to torment and enslave the people. I call on every person that has information and all those in authority to speak up and rise up against this wicked agenda. Be strong and courageous. The Lord is with you.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

As for me and my house we will serve The Lord!

Gilad Rosinger