Optimising Vaccination Roll Out – Dos and Don’ts

  • This official NHS document ‘Optimising Vaccination Roll Out – Dos and Don’ts…’ (Also available BELOW as a PDF document) explains how the ‘Behaviour Change Unit’ are using ‘behavioural science’ strategies to ‘convert 2 in every three of the undecided’.
  • It explains how they are targeting different audience cohorts and adapting their terminology to ensure they use ‘messages/actions that will land well’.
  • The document tells staff, ‘Weaving these insights into letters and guidelines [means]…the people reading them will be more…keen and willing to do what you are asking of them.’
  • This is quite different to the normal practise of explaining the benefits and risks to anyone undergoing an experimental treatment and asking them to sign to say they understand the risks.
  • Indeed, the use of such ‘behavioural science’ methods is ethically questionable and follows on from claims about how government ministers ‘used covert tactics’ and ‘psychological strategies’ to manipulate unwitting public’s behaviour.